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Get a free, one month trial so you can experience the program firsthand without any cost or committment. Once you complete the form below,

1. We’ll arrange a date and time to deliver an assortment of reusable oil absorbents to try at your facility.

2. We will provide drums to store soiled absorbents.

3. We will pick up and launder the absorbents as needed.

4. Once your trial is over, you can continue the serivce, or we will pick up any unused product.

What our Customers are Saying

“ITU AbsorbTech representatives provide terrific attention and timeliness to my needs.  Matt always goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service.

I suggest and encourage anyone to experience the program and the outstanding service behind it.”

Greg Kraft, Service ManagerBentley Truck Services

“SorbIts® floor absorbents have held up much better than anticipated. We found that we were spending less time sweeping floors and more time pushing finished goods out of the door without jeopardizing employee safety.

We have incorporated the use of SorbIts® floor mats as a key component to our source reduction strategies.”


Craig Ferrese, EHS ManagerSerdello, Inc.

“My experiences with ITU AbsorbTech are uncomplicated. From the initial consultation to the weekly billing, my needs are met with professionalism and common sense. To aid my transition from my previous supplier, the route driver brought my shop a bundle of towels so we wouldn’t be without – and he dropped them of on his way home – on his own time!

There are many rental companies out there, but ITU AbsorbTech is a locally owned family business that genuinely cares about each of its customers.”


Renee Hubbard, VPThe Auto Hubb

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