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We are an environmental services company offering
reuse programs such as SorbIts® oil absorbents, uniforms,
shop and printer towels, and floor mats for industry.

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Cleaner, Safer Solutions for Industry

Our environmentally-preferred service programs support waste reduction, safety, compliance, and cost savings.

Reuse Programs Support Waste Reduction Efforts

Reuse programs can be incorporated into corporate sustainability and ISO 14001 initiatives. Customers have eliminated over 50 million lbs of waste with SorbIts®.

Award-Winning Industry Leader

We are proud to frequently earn awards recognizing our excellence
in safety, sustainability, and organizational development
by following our core Business Tenets.

Real Support by Real People

We conduct regular program reviews to measure satisfaction,
proactively identify needs, and ensure we are supporting your business objectives.

Have a question?  Speak with representatives in our Customer Response Center
who will professionally and promptly manage your requests.

From our Blog

Visit our blog, EHS OnPoint, for training tools and industry insight on safety, spills, regulatory compliance, and sustainability.

Life Cycle Thinking in Print

You can use Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) to gain a holistic perspective of your operation’s environmental footprint – from concept, purchasing, manufacturing, and distribution- to end-of-life by your customers. By revealing the big picture, a life cycle approach ensures that you aren’t improving in one area at the expense of another.
neenah logo 50th anniversary

ITU AbsorbTech Celebrates 50 Years in Neenah, WI

ITU AbsorbTech is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Neenah, Wis. plant on October 23, 2019. ITU AbsorbTech’s Neenah plant made history as one of the first and largest buildings in the US to be constructed as an industrial laundry facility in 1969.