ITU AbsorbTech's first fleet of vehicles in the 1930's

We are a family-owned environmental
services company started in 1930.

Our zero waste solutions support
sustainability and safety in industry.

Our Company


Third Generation Owners Jim and David Leef

About Us

ITU AbsorbTech is one of the largest family-owned industrial laundries in the country. We are family-owned and operated by Jim and David Leef and focus on sustainable business practices.

ITU AbsorbTech’s values are highlighted in our core business tenets. We partner with companies that share our values.

Awards and Recognition

We have proudly earned a number of awards recognizing our excellence in the areas of safety, sustainability, and organizational development.

Programs and Organizations We Support

ITU AbsorbTech has maintained a long-standing philosophy of supporting charitable causes and organizations in the communities in which we operate.

Our History

ITU AbsobTech is a third-generation family-owned business built on the principles of service excellence, innovation, and integrity.
We proudly uphold those values for our customers, employees, and partners.

ITU AbsorbTech History

In 1930, a fleet of Industrial Towel vehicles delivers Kex towels to customers

1908 – A Family Tradition

George H. Leef and his brother Harry started cleaning railroad coveralls in 1908 as the Minneapolis Wet Wash Laundry. In 1930, operations began in Milwaukee as the Industrial Service Company.
1930's World's Largest Washing Machine

1929 – The Great Depression Era

A Milwaukee facility was started in the late 20’s. The Milwaukee operation continued through the Depression. George moved to Milwaukee to run it in the early 30’s and Industrial Service Co. was split off as a separate company, servicing coveralls and Kex shop towels. George H. Leef’s son, George L...Read More
Industrial Service Co. experience growth during WWII

1940 – Growth During World War II

Industrial Service Co. purchased De-Luxe Laundry in Milwaukee, and both plants saw dramatic growth in shop towel usage as manufacturers worked around the clock during World War II. Dry cleaning processing was introduced to process leather gloves. Industrial Service Co. expanded service with relays to several distribution depots making it..Read More
ITU AbsorbTech, formerly known as Industrial towel, at a tradeshow in 1962

1960 – Product Expansion

The company name changed to Industrial Towel & Uniform, Inc. The Neenah, WI, plant was built. It was the first “design for use” industrial laundry facility constructed to efficiently process new products such as walk mats, rental uniforms, and washroom towels. George H. Leef passed away and George L. Leef..Read More
1970 – New Corporate Headquarters

1970 – New Corporate Headquarters

The new ITU corporate headquarters was built in New Berlin, WI as a state-of-the-art water wash and dry cleaning facility. Route service was expanded into Illinois and several more local laundry operations were purchased. Jim Leef joined the organization.
ITU AbsorbTech invests in solar panels

1980 – New Technology

ITU introduced several new technologies to both plants, including solar heating of process water, as well as new wastewater pretreatment technologies and significant process water recycling. Dry cleaning technology improved with the addition of solvent recovery dryers to that New Berlin process. Alternative fueled vehicles were tested. Desktop computing ushered..Read More
SorbIts quilted pad #1 product for industrial oil spill clean up, absorbent technology, reusable environmentally friendly industrial clean up services, reusable oil absorbent pad

1990 – SorbIts®

ITU created SorbIts® – The Waste Free Absorbent System. AbsorbTech, LLC was created and built a state-of-the-art dry clean processing plant in South Bend, IN. ITU developed a patented solvent recovery system for printer towels. George L. Leef retired as president and Jim and David Leef stepped in to lead..Read More
ITU AbsorbTech delivery truck

2000 – Service and Innovation

ITU purchased a laundry facility in western PA to enter markets in the Northeastern United States. AbsorbTech acquired businesses in Philadelphia, PA and a plant in Piedmont, SC to expand service areas farther eastern and southeast. ITU developed the “No Boundaries” service model to support customers outside of the traditional..Read More