Our Sustainability

We define our sustainability as long-term prosperity for our people, customers, communities and company delivered through Genuine Service Excellence. We believe the foundation of sustainability success comes from the inside out. Below is a summary of our sustainability model.


gallons of solvent have been recycled through our SorbIts® Ultra Printer Towel program


Mission: Increase environmental stewardship through operational processes, practices, products, services, and benchmarking activities.

  • Our processing facilities are registered to the latest ISO 14001:2015 standard
  • We utilize advanced processing systems for wastewater, VOC emissions and other environmental controls.
  • We strive to increase the life of our textiles and drive down consumption of energy, water and packaging.
  • We employ a patented environmental process to recover, measure, and beneficially reuse waste and solvents from our customers’ facilities.
  • We operate and maintain facilities in full compliance with all applicable environmental regulations.
  • We participate in regulatory development processes .

Safety Awards received in the last 5 years


Mission: Value the safety and well-being of each stakeholder, first and foremost, in operational and strategic decision making.

  • We maintain a best-in-class workplace safety environment as evidenced by our low MOD rate of .65 in 2016.
  • We conduct frequent 6S and lean events.
  • We have a long-standing, charitable relationship with JDRF and other charitable organizations.
  • We developed AbsorbU, an award-winning training and professional development program
  • Production technicians are trained and certified in multiple job skills for greater flexibility

6S projects completed last year throughout our facilities


Mission: Increase environmental stewardship through operational processes, practices, products, services, and benchmarking activities.

  • We employ conservative practices to position us to weather economic changes … a philosophy that ITU AbsorbTech has carried over since 1930 and four generations of family ownership.
  • We are actively engaged in 6S and lean events throughout the company to improve safety and help lower operating costs. All employees are trained at making bottom line contributions to the business.
  • We continue to develop new technologies to meet the changing needs of our customers at the lowest overall cost.

From our Blog

Business of the Year Award

ITU AbsorbTech has been named the 2019 Business of the Year by the New Berlin Chamber of Commerce.The award recognizes companies that have shown dedication to the community through charitable donations, service activities, and growth in either employees or sales.

George Leef Winners Announced

The George L. Leef Award goes to an employee who has played an important role in improving the processes that maintain or build on our leadership position. The George H. Leef Award goes to an employee who exemplifies the “can do” attitude of entrepreneurship, a characteristic that is crucial to our long term success.
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