printer towel service

ITU AbsorbTech has partnered with
PIA printing associations to provide
member savings for printer towels
and other service programs.


PIA Partner


Pictured: Ultra™ Printer Towels

How It Works

ITU AbsorbTech has partnered with local PIA printing associations to provide member savings for printer towels, floor mats, mops, cotton roll towels, and other rental service programs. Members of our PIA partners are eligible to receive an annual rebate on ITU AbsorbTech rental services.

Current Partners

Printing Industries of the Carolinas
Printing Industries of Michigan
Great Lakes Graphics Association
Printing Industries Alliance New York
Graphic Arts Association

Partner Benefits

Free Week of Service

First time ITU AbsorbTech customers will receive a complimentary week on all rental services, including our Ultra Printer Towel program.  This will appear as a credit on your first invoice.

Annual Rebate

New customers earn a 3% rebate in their first year and current customers earn 1.5% of your total rental program spend.  Rebates will be issued as an ITUdirect gift certificate each January – a current rental service agreement must be in effect to qualify.

Eligible Programs

The following rental services are eligible for an annual rebate.

Hear from PICA member Daniels Graphics about their success with the program

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