Cotton Roll Towels

Clean. Absorbent. Cotton.

Hand drying is a vital part of hand hygiene. After washing, Cotton Roll Towels remove more than twice the bacteria from your hands than paper. Forced air dryers often add bacteria. Cotton Roll Towels are professionally laundered for a softer, more hygienic hand drying experience.

  • Cotton towels are more hygienic than paper towels and air dryers. Our towels are washed at over 180°F and dried at temperatures over 260°F.
  • Cotton is softer and four times more absorbent than paper.
  • Can be laundered again and again – up to 100 times!  Supports your waste reduction and ISO 14001 initiatives.
  • Eliminates plumbing, housekeeping and janitorial costs associated with paper towel usage.

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About Cotton Roll Towels

Cotton roll towels are an environmentally-preferred solution to paper towel.  They are also more hygienic than air dryers.

This video demonstrates the process for how to install or replace the cotton roll towel, also known as a continuous roll towel, into the cabinet. Instructions can also be found on the inside of the cabinet.

Service Includes:

  • Installation

    We install the cotton roll towel dispensers at designated locations in your facility.

  • Delivery

    We pick up and deliver towels to your facility on a regular schedule

  • Laundering

    Cotton roll towels are professionally laundered at our ISO 14001 facilities

  • Inventory Management

    We manage your inventory up and down to meet demand.

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