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Oil Absorbent Cleaning Service

SorbIts® Reusable Oil Absorbents

Trusted by the world’s top manufacturers to eliminate waste and reduce cost

SorbIts® are reusable oil absorbent mats, pads, and socks that can be used as an environmentally-preferred alternative to disposable absorbents at your facility. Manufacturers use SorbIts® to more effectively soak up waste oils on the plant floor to prevent slips and falls.

ITU AbsorbTech is the exclusive provider of SorbIts® – a low cost, full-service solution that includes a regular supply of SorbIts®, scheduled delivery and pick-up service, and professional cleaning.

Benefits of switching to the SorbIts® absorbent recycling and reuse program include:

  • Eliminate a waste stream in support of Zero to Landfill and ISO14001 goals
  • Support safety with 2-3 times more durability and absorbency
  • Save time with a managed program
  • Lower cost compared to disposables

SorbIts® oil absorbents are trusted by manufacturers throughout the U.S. to eliminate solid landfill waste, reduce cost, and achieve ISO 14001 objectives.

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How the Program Works

Simple, hassle free. We take care of all the details.

  • You use SorbIts® to prevent slips and falls

    Use for synthetic oils, hydraulic fluids, solvents, and other industrial non-hazardous process fluids.

  • We pick-up and deliver

    We come to your facility on a regular schedule to pick up soiled SorbIts® and drop off clean to a specific workstation or storage area.

  • Recovered oils are recycled

    SorbIts® mats, pads and socks are laundered at our ISO 14001 facilities for a closed loop recycling and reuse program.

Testimonial from our Customers
  • You get a waste reduction report

    We quantify your waste reduction so you can showcase your environmental achievement.

  • We manage your inventory

    We recommend adjustments up or down.  We won’t make any changes without your written approval.

Better for the environment, better for your bottom line.

Eliminate a Waste Stream

SorbIts® is Zero Waste to Landfill and can help you with ISO 14000 and other sustainability goals.

Prevent Slips and Falls

SorbIts® oil absorbent pads are 2-3 times more absorbent than disposables.

Lower Cost

SorbIts® eliminates waste disposal fees, saving you an average of 15%-30%.

Save Time

We manage your inventory with your approval.


We take care of all the details – pick-up, delivery, and laundering.

Program Training

We provide ongoing program training to ensure your employees use the program properly.

Trusted by Manufacturing Companies throughout the U.S.

Supports the Bosch values of safety and sustainability

This initiative is exciting because it supports the Bosch values of safety and sustainability while reducing costs. Inventory leveling allows us to only pay for what we use. Waste oils are captured and recycled to reduce
environmental impact. Products are launderable, reusable, and not introduced back into the waste stream. Waste reduction reports are… Read more “Supports the Bosch values of safety and sustainability”

Jamie Fox

Your company is a leader in the textile industry.

It is a pleasure to have Tim Finley and Clint work at our facility every Friday morning. They are friendly, courteous and hardworking. Sometimes other outside service people are in our building and they do know what they are doing– but Tim and Clint do. We trust them and your company. Our safety has improved,… Read more “Your company is a leader in the textile industry.”

Mark Molitor
Molded Dimensions

I have one less thing to worry about.

We are currently using various types of SorbIts® and the soy scrub soap. Tom is a very big asset to me. He takes his job very seriously and is always looking for ways to save us time and money. I have one less thing to worry about because of him.

Rick Bolen
Nelson Global Products

Keep our inventory of rags and absorbents at the correct amount every visit!

Steve does a great job for us. He keeps our inventory of rags and absorbents at the correct amount every time he makes a delivery. He keeps the towels organized and the area clean. Steve has made several suggestions on mats that have helped keep our techs from tracking oil and grease through the building.… Read more “Keep our inventory of rags and absorbents at the correct amount every visit!”

Greg Kraft
Bently Truck Services

Significant cost savings from previous supplier.

We just renewed our contract with ITU AbsorbTech because the service has been great and we also realized significant cost savings from our previous supplier. They were very helpful in making sure we have the right products for our needs and not trying to sell us on more than we need. Our shop is much… Read more “Significant cost savings from previous supplier.”

Dave Bryan
Remke Inc

Save time and money.

It is always a pleasure to see the drivers when they come in. They are presentable and courteous. The rags and absorbents are clean and ready to use to save time and money. Thank you to all employees at ITU AbsorbTech.

Dean Hatland

Could not ask for anything better.

Could not ask for anything better. Always making improvements for safety.  Always asking for any ways of making improvements or adjustments. Bob goes out of his way to find dirty absorbents and cleans up as he goes.  The customer service between Bob and Ryobi is outstanding.  I would be very disappointed if Bob wasn’t the… Read more “Could not ask for anything better.”

Voyd Isaccs Jr.
Ryobi Die Casting

Absorbents use 5 times more than disposables

Akebono manufactures brakes and has machines the leak fluids such as coolant and hydraulic oils, constantly. We were using gray disposable absorbents in which were costly for purchasing and disposing of. In addition, the disposables were left all over the ground and underneath machines. In August of 2015 we switched from disposables to reusable absorbents… Read more “Absorbents use 5 times more than disposables”

Stephanie Gillian
Akebono Brake Corporation

Far superior to any other service I have worked with

The textile program you service is far superior to any other service I personally have worked with. The services techs are courteous and professional. The ease and operation of returning the used textiles makes everyone’s job easier.

Robert Schulze
Amcor Rigid Plastics

Great improvement over our previous supplier!

Under the guidance of Dan Cauvel, the Sr. Account Executive for ITU AbsorbTech, Moog Inc. has seen a great improvement in the product and service we received from our previous supplier regarding absorbents. Our company is now supplied with the right number and type of product for our needs. Dan and his team shine when… Read more “Great improvement over our previous supplier!”

Robert Kleinfelder
Moog, Inc.

This program has saved us time and money

Our company was using speedy dry before we switched to ITU AbsorbTech. The ITU AbsorbTech program is much more efficient and cleaner for our line of work. We do not have to handle the product and transition to clean product is flawless. Pick up and delivery are always on time. This program has saved us… Read more “This program has saved us time and money”

Bill Evans
Product Support Manager
Vantage Equipment

Keeps our plant safe of spills and trip hazards

I highly recommend ITU AbsorbTech for all your business needs. The products they supply withstand many of harsh chemicals we use and help to keep our plant safe of spills and trip hazards. Our Service Representative Jose Bermeo is continuously monitoring our usage and is proactive and professional during his weekly deliveries.

Tracy Meyer

Customer satisfaction is A+

I have worked with ITU AbsorbTech in 3 different companies and their performance & customer satisfaction is A+. Their unique product makes them stand out from their competition, especially in the SorbIts® lineup. If you’re on the fence as to which supplier to go with for all your uniforms, rags, mats, safety products or the… Read more “Customer satisfaction is A+”

Dennis Ostrowiecki
Facilities Manager

SorbIts® has made a HUGE impact on our waste reduction.

SorbIts® has made a HUGE impact on our waste reduction and ISO 14001 goals and we’ve received praise from our ISO 14001 auditor. We are also beginning to see cost savings as a result of reduced waste disposal. ITU AbsorbTech’s service and attention to detail has been superb and Dan’s communication on a regular basis… Read more “SorbIts® has made a HUGE impact on our waste reduction.”

Environmental Health and Safety Manager

The operators liked this product much more!

Customer service was awesome. The technicians on the floor love your product. The operators liked this product much more than what we previously used. Dan takes care of everything. I don’t have to worry about anything. I specifically like the fact the oil is recycled every 2 weeks and Dan is here to check on… Read more “The operators liked this product much more!”

Linda Hawkey, Purchasing
Midwest Wire

ITU AbsorbTech delivered as promised!

At first I was a little bit skeptical on how ITU AbsorbTech’s system of cleaning and delivering oil pads would work. We here at the plant discussed the situation of the disposable pads and the rewashed ones that ITU AbsorbTech provides. The feeling was mutual, the cost of disposing the throw away pads is very… Read more “ITU AbsorbTech delivered as promised!”

Roger Gibbons
Stamco Industries

The service is great!

We previously used oil-dri and it was a hassle to clean. SorbIts® allows for all areas to stay neat, and cut cleaning from 2 hours to 30 minutes or less a week, usually 0 time due to ITU AbsorbTech employee. The service is great! Our tech is always on time, makes sure we have all… Read more “The service is great!”

Randall Soudom, Director of Business Development
Shelby Industries

ITU AbsorbTech is viewed more as a partner than a supplier.

The service at ITU AbsorbTech has always been great. They are quick to respond to our changing needs.  With SorbIts® we have been able to eliminate a large stream of waste headed to the landfill.  ITU AbsorbTech is viewed more as a partner than a supplier.  Great company to work with.

Joel, Operations Manager

Very good and reliable partner.

SorbIts® takes care of oil leaks to make sure we don’t have people walking through oil and slipping and falling. Last year, we saved 33,257 lbs of wiping towels and 2,059 lbs of waste oil absorbents from going to the landfill.   ITU AbsorbTech is a very good and reliable partner for Webcrafters.

Dale Clemens

Our facility looks better and is better.

We were previously using disposable absorbent pads, and it was very expensive to have the pads picked up and disposed of. What I like about the SorbIts® program is the pickup and delivery and also having the pads washed and reused, which helps in our compliance.  The SorbIts® program supports our safety with no more… Read more “Our facility looks better and is better.”

Tim Garner, Maintenance Supervisor
Metal Powder Products

The guys in the shop love them!

SorbIts® has shortened our clean up time when accidents happen compared to the disposable pig mats we were previously using. The guys in the shop love them!  The program helps us follow requirements to the ISO 14001 Standards and eliminates our waste into local landfills. The service at ITU AbsorbTech is great!  They are very… Read more “The guys in the shop love them!”

Brandy Alson
Vision Technical Molding

The savings are huge.

It’s amazing how much solvent/oil that these pads can absorb! The savings are huge, half the cost of purchasing/hazardous waste disposal.  The service team monitors usage to make sure you never run out of product or have too much product that will make unnecessary costs. I highly recommend ITU AbsorbTech service.  It not only keeps… Read more “The savings are huge.”

Jack Hill, Maintenance Manager
Consolidated Container

 Surprisingly, SorbIts® cost less than disposables. Estimate my Savings.

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