Customer service is outstanding!

We were looking for a quick, efficient way to keep our shop clean and safe. ITU AbsorbTech seemed to have good solutions containing our oil spills and prevention materials to avoid issues in the future. ITU AbsorbTech was able to provide solutions to our oily/slippery floors. Our employees are now safer on the job because… Read more “Customer service is outstanding!”

Casey Sattler
McCormick Industries

Eliminated 30,000 pounds of waste oil absorbents to landfill

The service is great and always a quick response time with any help or questions. We’ve added SlipBusters® to different departments, which helped a lot with slippery surfaces. We eliminate on average, 30,000 pounds of waste oil absorbents going to landfill annually.

Laurie Larty
Acument Global Technologies

SorbIts® SAFEmats®

Absorbent Industrial Floor Mats with Anti-Fatigue Base

SAFEmats® absorbent safety mats are the perfect solution for workstations on your production floor. It's the ideal floor mat for workers who stand for an extended period of time. They are the ONLY industrial mat that's absorbent and anti-fatigue.

  • The base of the mat has ergonomic benefits and helps reduce ankle, leg, knee and back fatigue.
  • The base is industrial strength nitrile rubber and has 100% surface to surface contact to prevent slippery oils from seeping under the mat.
  • An absorbent cotton pile insert goes on top of the base. This insert absorbs oils and fluids from around the machinery to prevent slips, trips, and falls.
  • The insert is professionally laundered for reuse by ITU AbsorbTech.

Material: Absorbent matting inserts with a non-slip, anti-fatigue base
Absorbency:  Almost twice as absorbent as walk mats. Typical non-hazardous recovered industrial fluid includes petroleum-derived or synthetic oil such as engine oil, transmission fluid, metalworking fluids and oils, coolant, hydraulic fluid or industrial process oils.
Application: Manufacturing applications where workers stand for extended periods of time and fluid absorption is needed. Easy-to-change insert

About SorbIts®

SorbIts® reusable oil absorbents and floor mats soak up waste oils in and around your plant to prevent slips and falls.  Our environmentally-preferred reuse program is simple:

  • Delivery

    We pick up and deliver SorbIts® to your facility on a regular schedule

  • Laundering

    SorbIts® are professionally laundered and used oil is recycled by reblending

  • Service

    We manage your inventory up and down to meet demand

  • Reporting

    You get a report showing how much waste you eliminated from landfill

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