FatigueBusters™ Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti-fatigue floor mats have interlocking edges allow it to fit any workstation. The suspended bounce construction reduces ankle, leg, knee and back fatigue, as well as improving employee morale. Rubber material holds up to oils and solvents.

*Because these mats do not typically require laundering, we make them available through a low-cost lease program, saving you from the large upfront capital investments incurred when similar mats are purchased.

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About our Floor Mat System

A well-planned floor mat rental program can significantly reduce your facility costs and liability by eliminated tracked-in soil, which is the number one cause of building maintenance costs.

Our managed program helps controls costs, elevate housekeeping, protect your floors, and provide a safer facility for employees and visitors.

SuperTred™ Scraper Mats are ADA Compliant and NFSI certified.

Customer Testimonials

We appreciate the quality of service that we receive from another family owned company.

If your company is looking for an industrial laundry company that goes above and beyond look no further. ITU AbsorbTech has been supplying Hiller Ford with quality uniforms, mats, towels, rags and SorbIts® for over forty years. Jeff Foshey is our ITU AbsorbTech representative and he does a great job keeping the inventory at the correct… Read more “We appreciate the quality of service that we receive from another family owned company.”

Don Berka
Hiller Ford

Friendly, efficient, and quick.

We have floor mats supplied and cleaned by ITU AbsorbTech. Your service Tech, Chad Rickert, is very friendly, efficient, and quick. He always has a good attitude and seems to enjoy his job.

Marilyn Grattan
Riverplace Dental

We love ITU AbsorbTech.

We love ITU AbsorbTech. We switched a number of years ago from a competitor because they were overcharging us. ITU AbsorbTech provides great customer service at a great price. They are excellent partners.

Keith Kramer
Milwaukee Marriott West

They take the time to understand our business needs

We are extremely satisfied with ITU Absorb Tech. Products are excellent and beyond that the service is exceptional. Our representative is courteous, efficient, professional and a great resource for product ideas. He takes the time to understand our business needs and makes suggestions for products we may wish to consider without being overbearing or pushy.… Read more “They take the time to understand our business needs”

Jeff Stodola
Penninsula Stone

Always meets or exceeds our expectations.

Great, professional and prompt service. Steve always meets and exceeds our expectations while offering ways to improve our shop. Steve keeps me informed every week of ways to change or improve my staff’s working conditions – installing/changing out mats pointing out both the safety factors and employee comfort reasoning.

Dana M. Harrington
Excel Hydraulics LLC

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