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Customer satisfaction is A+

I have worked with ITU AbsorbTech in 3 different companies and their performance & customer satisfaction is A+. Their unique product makes them stand out from their competition, especially in the SorbIts® lineup. If you’re on the fence as to which supplier to go with for all your uniforms, rags, mats, safety products or the… Read more “Customer satisfaction is A+”

Dennis Ostrowiecki

Supports the Bosch values of safety and sustainability

This initiative is exciting because it supports the Bosch values of safety and sustainability while reducing costs. Inventory leveling allows us to only pay for what we use. Waste oils are captured and recycled to reduce environmental impact. Products are launderable, reusable, and not introduced back into the waste stream. Waste reduction reports are provided… Read more “Supports the Bosch values of safety and sustainability”

Jamie Fox

SorbIts® Oil Absorbent Spill Kits

Spill kits help keep your plant ready for oil spills such as engine oil, transmission fluid, metalworking fluids and oils, coolant, hydraulic fluid and industrial process oils.

SorbIts® spill kits come with a yellow seal. Our service team will inspect spill kits at every service visit, notify designated personnel at your facility if the seal is broken, and replenish the kit with new absorbents.

Mobile Kit: Absorbs up to 6 gallons
2 Socks • 3 Pillows
20 Gallon: Absorbs up to 13 gallons
3 Socks • 10 Pillows
30 Gallon: Absorbs up to 18 gallons
6 Socks • 15 Pillows
55 Gallon: Absorbs up to 35 gallons
12 Socks • 30 Pillows

About SorbIts®

SorbIts® reusable oil absorbents soak up waste oils in and around your plant to prevent slips and falls.  Our environmentally-preferred reuse program includes these services:

  • Delivery

    We pick up and deliver SorbIts® to your facility on a regular schedule

  • Laundering

    SorbIts® are professionally laundered and used oil is recycled by reblending

  • Service

    We manage your inventory up and down to meet demand

  • Reporting

    You get a report showing how much waste you eliminated from landfill

spill kit requirements

OSHA Oil Spill Kit Requirements

Are oil spill kits required by OSHA? The simple answer is, no. While there are many OSHA and EPA requirements on how to be prepared for spills, the regulations do not specifically require spills kits.

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