SlipBusters® Oil Absorbing Mats at the #1 Choice By Top Manufacturers

The mats lowered our waste output and helped keep the press a lot cleaner.

We have been using the mats for years under the press units to catch excess water, ink and oil from leaking in the lower level of the press room. Before we used newsprint wrappers which left a mess and proper disposal was an issue. The mats lowered our waste output and helped keep the press… Read more “The mats lowered our waste output and helped keep the press a lot cleaner.”

Rick Smith
Capital Newspapers

Key component to our source reduction strategies.

SorbIts® floor absorbents have held up much better than anticipated.  We found that we were spending less time sweeping floors and more time pushing finished goods out of the door without jeopardizing employee safety.  We have incorporated the use of SorbIts® floor mats as a key component to our source reduction strategies.

Craig Ferrese
Serdello, Inc.

SorbIts® SlipBusters® Oil Absorbent Mat

Industrial Floor Mat

This exclusive anti-slip, oil absorbent floor mat can be used on wet and oily shop floors including walk paths and in front of machinery to prevent slips, trips and falls.  SlipBusters® have a cotton pile, which is two times more absorbent than a commercial walk mat, which is made of nylon.

Commercial nitrile rubber base was made for industry and has 100% surface to surface contact to prevent oils from seeping under the mat.

Material: Cotton pile. Smooth backing discourages fluids from migrating under the mat. Yellow striping enhances safety and visibility.
Absorbency:  Almost twice as absorbent as walk mats. Typical non-hazardous recovered industrial fluid includes petroleum-derived or synthetic oil such as engine oil, transmission fluid, metalworking fluids and oils, coolant, hydraulic fluid or industrial process oils.
Application:  Wet and oily shop floor areas, including walk paths and in front of machinery.

About SorbIts®

SorbIts® reusable oil absorbents soak up waste oils in and around your plant to prevent slips and falls.  Our environmentally-preferred reuse program includes these services:

  • Delivery

    We pick up and deliver SorbIts® to your facility on a regular schedule

  • Laundering

    SorbIts® are professionally laundered and used oil is recycled by reblending

  • Service

    We manage your inventory up and down to meet demand

  • Reporting

    You get a report showing how much waste you eliminated from landfill

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Blue SlipBusters® are NFSI certified

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