cotton roll towels

than paper or air dryers.

Cotton roll towels are more hygienic

Restroom Supplies

Reduce your environmental impact when you switch from paper to cotton

Take control of your facility costs with a managed program from ITU AbsorbTech. We offer inventory management, a flexible delivery schedule, cost and product utilization reports and much more.

How ITU AbsorbTech's Floor Mat Rental Program Works

How the Program Works

Simple, hassle free. We take care of all the details.

  • We deliver direct to your facility

    Our Genuine Service Excellence team will deliver to a designated drop-off area in your facility.

  • We maintain your inventory

    We make recommendations to adjust your inventory up or down depending on your needs.  We will not make any changes without your authorized approval.

  • Flexible delivery schedule

    We can choose a frequency that works best for your facility needs

Program Benefits

Eliminate Waste

Cotton roll towels eliminate paper waste from landfill for a Zero to Landfill solution.

Save Time

We manage your inventory, saving you time in ordering and procurement.


We deliver on a regular schedule direct to your facility.

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