Supports Waste Reduction & Sustainability

Oil Absorbent Cleaning Service

Oil Absorbents and Floor Safety Mats

SorbIts® reusable oil absorbents and SlipBusters® safety floor mats soak up waste oils in and around your plant to prevent slips and falls.  Our environmentally-preferred reuse program is simple.  We pick up and deliver used SorbIts® to and from your facility and professionally launder SorbIts® for reuse.   Recovered oil is recycled for beneficial use in industry.

SorbIts® oil absorbents and floor mats are a Zero Waste to Landfill solution.  The program is trusted by manufacturers throughout the U.S. to eliminate solid landfill waste, reduce cost, and achieve ISO 14001 objectives.

SorbIts® programs include:

  • Delivery

    Regular pick up and delivery to your facility

  • Laundering

    Professionally laundering and oil recycling service

  • Service

    Inventory management, program training, and more.

  • Reporting

    Waste reduction and usage reports.

Industrial Floor Mats

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